Don't I Need A List?

On the internet you should begin with the understanding that you don’t know anyone. And more importantly, no one knows you. The reason I say this is that you will learn that marketing on the internet begins with marketing you not your primary business. You will need to learn to build your own list. There are over 1.5 billion people and growing, who are actively participating on the internet. Learning to build your own list will reap rewards far greater than the traditional method of making a list of your friends and family.

The great thing about building your own list is it’s your list. It’s not someone else’s list or a list others can be using. It’s not a list of names you, and everyone else, can buy. This is a critical element to building your business on the internet. The list needs to belong to you.


Additionally, you need an automated way to follow up, to stay in touch with your prospects and develop your relationship with the people on your list.


Fast Track Program

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