What About Using A Lead System?

Most lead generating systems or lead programs are designed to provide you with leads you can follow up with and share your primary business opportunity with. Keep in mind that only about 1 in 20 will take you up on your offer.

What I and many of the top earners in this industry have learned is you need to be able to continue to communicate with these prospects. If you’ve got an automated way to do that then you have a good chance to monetize the 19 in 20 who say no to your primary business. This is done by getting your list into what’s called your sales funnel.


Lead generating systems can be excellent, provided the list you are creating as a result is yours alone. If you are getting prospects from someone else’s list or a shared list then you don’t own them and you’re not the only one who has contact with them. Lead generation is only a part of the equation. You must be able to grow your list and follow up with your list automatically.


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