What About Buying Leads?

Quality leads that produce results follow the old saying; “You get what you pay for”. Good leads can be very expensive. You’re ability to turn those leads into customers or distributors, is the final determination of their value. If you are able to sponsor a good percentage of the people you talk to then you are miles ahead of the game. If you are like I was in the beginning and  you need help with sponsoring your leads you might want to get a copy of "Black Belt Recruiting", by Mark Weisser.


Learning to generate your own leads using the internet is not that difficult and greatly reduces the cost per lead. Leads or a list is something you should learn to do for yourself. That way the list belongs to you and no one else. When you develop your own list you’re not buying leads that many others have also purchased or that are old or stale. There are proven ways to generate more leads than you can possibly imagine and do it all for FREE too.


Fast Track Program

Are you’re looking for a Fast Track for marketing your MLM business on the internet? It’s all been put together in a powerful package at www.tsc-solutions.com.


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