Why Should I Learn All This?

Many people, too many in my opinion, do not do well in network marketing. I believe the reason is that they just don’t know not only what to do, but how to do it. All of my mentors have a single common thread in everything they teach. That common thread is education. If you want to succeed at anything you better learn all you can about it and use that knowledge to do the very best that you can.

You wouldn’t think of starting an auto mechanic shop without first having the knowledge an auto mechanic needs to work on cars. You might say, but I only want to own the shop, I’ll hire mechanics to do the work. Well that’s fine, but if you don’t know at least the basics you will set yourself up for trouble down the road. At the very least you will need to be an expert at customer service if your knowledge of auto mechanics is not up to par.


Any business you get involved in requires you to learn things you might not have known when you decided to get started. Your understanding of this and your willingness to continue your education in your chosen field is key to your success in that field.


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