What Will I Accomplish On The Internet?

Most people have this completely backwards. Your company replicated web site is a prime example of this. Now I’m not saying that these are of no value, but what I mean is they will not create very many leads for you. These sites are where you send the people you have talked with already or given your card or flyer to.

What you are really trying to accomplish on the internet is to successfully market you. That’s right! You! The network marketing business is a business of relationships. If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times. You need to develop a relationship with someone before you share your business opportunity with them.

On the internet you need to remember that and market you so that people will get to know who you are and be more comfortable with you and trust you and your opinions. Then and only then will they be more likely to join your business opportunity.


So in a nutshell; what you are trying to accomplish on the internet is establishing you as a person who brings value and benefit to you visitors. When you do that you will have accomplished your initial goal with our internet marketing.


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