What Marketing Strategies Are Best?

Marketing strategies are varied and what works best begins with what skills do you have or can learn quickly. Many of the strategies involve being able to write good copy. What I mean by that is the ability to write compelling words and phrases that encourage your viewer to take some action you want them to take.

This is an often overlooked skill, yet it is a skill that can be learned and it is probably one of the most critical skills you should have if you are serious about marketing on the internet. There are millions of ads and promotions out there and only the most effective copy is getting the page visitor to take action. Many of the free traffic creation methods would involve writing ads, blogs, and other written content. If your skill in writing copy is like mine when I first got started then you should learn how. You will forever be glad you learned this skill.


Another very strong traffic driving method is to use video. Over 50% of the traffic on the internet today is video. It is very popular and there are nearly 100 web sites where video content is the main feature. If you have no fear of the camera, learning to market via video is a very good way to create traffic and improve your positioning in the search engines.


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