Can I Migrate What I Learn?

The thought here is; what if my primary business does not last and I have to look for something else. If you are an experienced networker, then you understand that this is always a possibility for network marketing opportunities. For a number of reasons this happens more often than not in this industry.

What I am sharing here is a marketing strategy that does not depend on what your primary business opportunity is. What I mean by that is this; since you are marketing you and the value you bring to your prospects your primary business opportunity is not the focus of your strategy. This is one of the main reasons the top producers in this industry use this strategy. When it’s time for them to make a move they have an entire list of prospects and distributors that they can motivate to move with them.


I’ve seen it many times in my career where someone joins a company and within just a few months they are one of the top producers in that company. Leaders are able to do that because they have established themselves and a person with knowledge and experience and they are a person their down lines have learned to trust and follow. As you grow and develop you’ll use this strategy to generate additional sources of income as well as have the following should it become necessary to move to another company.


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