What Is The Residual Income® Game?

The Residual Income® Game is a simulator cleverly disguised as a game, this learning system lets you experience building a direct selling business from the ground up. As you make choices, your results appear as you see 5 years of decisions in 90 minutes. Using this tool will teach you and your team invaluable skills in a fraction of the time they would normally take learn them.


Ri Game Simulator


There are 50 critical skills that once learned will greatly increase your chances of succeeding in your MLM business. These skills are all centered around your personal effectiveness. Master these skills and you'll see dramatic increases in your income.


It's a lot easier to get where you're going when you know where you are to begin with. Your personal effectiveness is most easily measured using a point system. The term PEP's refers to Personal Effectiveness Points. The higher your PEP's score, the greater IMPACT you'll have on your business. This is a relationship business and the more effective you are, the more able your are to help your team become more effective, the greater the rewards are for all of you.


Knowing where you are regarding your personal effectiveness skills is the first step to mapping out your goals for personal improvement. The Success Model is simple; improve yourself, build your team, become a leader. Ri Training provides an easy way for you to determine which of these 50 critical skills you're proficient at and which ones you may need to improve.


Practicing your skills makes you and your team more effective.

The Residual Income® Game simulation is a robust learning tool. This tool delivers a method of learning critical skills in an accelerated way. Using this tool often will reduce the time required for your learning curve as well as that of your team.


Play regularly with your team and experience the magic in your business.


Fast Track Package

Are you’re looking for a Fast Track for developing your skills and growing your MLM business? It’s all been put together for you in a powerful package called ...


Skill Mastery


Improve your skills, so you can improve your income. Package includes full audio library, Residual Income® Game Simulator with carry tote, PEProfile access code and review with a personal trainer, and a Residual Income Prospecting lapel pin.