Top Ten Questions I'm Asked

Hi, my name is Donald J. De Los Rios. Over the past thirty years I have built several successful businesses of my own. The ones that were the most fun were the network marketing businesses. Some were highly sucessful and some were average, but from al of them,l I gained more knowledge. In the network marketing industry I have been both a distributor and a corporate executive.

My wife and I have a special fondness for the network marketing industry. We truly believe in this industry and what it can do to change the lives of people who really learn to do it well. Since the incredible growth of the internet, many would like to take their business to the internet. I know from experience that taking your network marketing business to the internet presents a unique set of challenges for most people.

I train, support and coach a number of people in how to successfully market their network marketing business on the internet. I'm asked a number of questions about marketing on the internet, so I have created a series of videos to answer the more frequently asked questions I am asked.

There may be one or two that you have thought of too so I hope you find the answers you're looking for and you gain some insight and learn something that you didn’t know before.


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